Container Discharger truck unloading system

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Container Discharger Container truck loading and unloading platform, Container truck unloader


The hydraulic unloading machine is mainly used for automatic unloading of the truck or container which is loading with Aluminum oxide powder, food, feed, plastic particles, wood chips, coke, ore, cement clinker, such as bulk materials , so it’s widely application of ranging from grain and oil, food, feed, coal, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, port and other units and departments of bulk materials receiving operations.



1. Safety and reliable operation, to unload vehicles with different tonnage

2. Manpower saving, short unloading time, high production efficiency and reduce the cost of unloading

3. Automatic operation for the full process, easy operation, reliable working, and matched with scientific control cabinet and  meters

4. scientific and reasonable structure, long working period, free maintenance

5. multiple fixed for vehicles, big unloading angle


In brief, completely solve the problems such as slow truck unloading, the personnel and air pollution during unloading, high cost of unloading and so on.

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