Danger Signs requirements of all Cranes

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Danger Signs requirements for Hoisting machinery  

1. Signs should be clear, eye-catching, durable, complete and correct.


2. Logo color should be consistent with the corresponding GB6527.1 color samples.

3. The ratio of the stripe width of the yellow and black and white signs and red and white signs is 1: 1. Stripe width of 50 ~ 100mm, each color should be not less than two, the slope should be at a 45 ° angle, the tilt direction of the center line of the device should be symmetrical axis. When using the yellow and black logo, if the logo background weakened the effect of the logo, the use of red and white signs.


4. Light signs should be consistent with the color GB8417 provisions of the red chromatic range.


5. Font logo font should be bold, font color should use black, background color should use yellow.


6. For cranes with special requirements, the marking requirements shall be set by both supply and demand parties.


7. In the road, rail or water crane used, in addition to the provisions of this standard should be met, but also meet the national regulatory requirements of the logo.


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