how to avoid the danger of bridge travelling crane

- Jan 12, 2018 -

How to strangle the danger of bridge crane in the "cradle"

Many traffic accidents are man-made, so in order to reduce the incidence of accidents, we must start from the root causes, that is, the management of people, thorough investigation of drunk driving, thorough investigation of overloading, thorough investigation of driver's license, these are drivers A rigorous control of the Hanging Dangerous accidents are also largely caused by man-made, so strict operation of the operator is the relevant departments currently need to focus on the issue, then for a qualified crane operators, What are the necessary in daily work?

1, special equipment management, crane operation, operation, maintenance, mechanical and electrical technicians are responsible for daily inspection, the operation of the tool body is responsible for running;

2. In order to strengthen the management of lifting equipment (overhead crane), carry out the car before the car to seriously check and strictly implement the shift system, timely detection of problems, timely reporting, contact management, conscientiously implement the lifting equipment specific provisions, in accordance with the electrolytic plant " Truth-seeking and pragmatic, the pursuit of excellence "concept of the work, implement the various tasks;

3, on the lifting equipment (bridge Crane) appeared cab steel structure open welding, mechanical, electrical problems, can not meet the operating conditions, immediately reported squad leader, crane repair classes, equipment director, power outage pending treatment;

4, to strengthen the training of operators, increase the education of all employees, professionals should focus on the problems prone to prompt.


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