maintenance and repair problems of the Hydraulic Rail Type Cargo lifting platform

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Guide Rail hydraulic Cargo Lifts

You should pay attention to the maintenance of the Rail Guide Hydraulic lifts during your daily use to extend its life.

Mechanical equipment maintenance and repair problems:

  1. The agencies of the brakes should always check and adjust the brake shoe and brake wheel clearance to ensure flexible and reliable. In the friction surface, there should be no dirt, in case of dirt must be washed with gasoline or thinner.

2. Often check whether the normal operation of various agencies, with or without noise, if found   fault, must be promptly excluded.

3. Always check all the wires, cables for damage. To promptly dressing and replacement to damage   the part.

4. The control box, power distribution boxes, etc. are often kept clean, timely cleaning of      electrical equipment dust

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