preparatory work before small spider cranes operation

- Mar 08, 2018 -

What are the preparatory work for the small spider cranes?

Small crane is a special operation machinery and equipment, widely used in construction sites, mining and mining enterprises, stations, wharfs, electric power, postal services, urban construction, gardens, paving, bridge erection and other fields.

When you arrive at the job site, do not rush to start work. First look at the scene and know the hard degree, bearing capacity and ground slope of the site.

Before lifting the object, to know the weight of the lifting object, the position of the crane operation and the lifting, there are no obstacles, the position of lifting and so on.

The stout wood is laid on the bottom of the leg at the position of the small crane, and the work can be done after the body is adjusted smoothly.

mini spider crane test pictures 1.jpg

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