the effects of the operation state conversion of the gantry crane

- Jan 11, 2018 -

What are the effects of the operation state conversion of the gantry crane?

During the operation of gantry cranes, there will be all kinds of unexpected situations. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the running state of gantry cranes in real time, so as to make the gantry cranes run safely. For example, how does a gantry crane change from stop state to running state or from operation state to suspension state? What kind of influence will it bring to gantry crane components in such a process?

When the gantry crane stops and runs, the electromagnetic brake in the gantry crane will not release immediately at the moment when the motor is just electrified, so there will be a large current in the starting process. For the brake, this process will affect the service life of the brake shoe.

If the operation is in turn, from the operation to stop, then the brake of gantry crane is the first motor power, at this time, a motor, because the power before the brake has been gradually tight, so it will definitely increase the current before the power of. In order to ensure the service life of each component, every operation should be carried out according to strict regulations.


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