The reason of the engine heating of bridge crane ​

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The reason of the engine heating of the overhead crane

Overhead bridge travelling crane is a kind of mechanical equipment, a kind of machine for circulating and intermittently.

MHICRANE is THE professional manufacturer of cranes. The operation cycle of line crane includes: pick up equipment from pick up items, then move horizontally to the designated address, drop objects, then reverse movement, make the fetching equipment come back in situ, in order to carry out the next cycle. Here is the reason why the temperature of the downlink engine is too high.

1 the cooling system has too much scale, and the cooling effect is poor.

2 the leakage of cooling system or the lack of cooling water.

The 3 water thermometer indicates the inaccuracy or failure.

4 the engine is overloaded for a long time and the time of oil supply is too late.

5 water pump and fan belt are loose or broken.

6 The section temperature device is damaged in the closed position of the main valve.

7 damage of water pump, fan blades installed anti wind damage or deformation.

8 The radiator shield net or the radiator core passage is blocked by the sundries, resulting in bad heat dissipation.


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