The Unbalance Reason of the three-phase electric hoist

- Jan 13, 2018 -

Why turn up unbalance of the three-phase electric hoist motor unbalance?

It's the three-phase for most of the electric hoists,but Some faults is due to the current imbalance. What's the reason of the motor appears three-phase power imbalance, how should we avoid such causes failure of electric hoist?

When the three-phase power supply is basically symmetrical, the deviation of any phase of the three-phase no-load current of the asynchronous motor under the rated voltage from the average value shall not be greater than 10% of the average value. Therefore, only in the three-phase voltage imbalance is too large, or the hoist motor itself in the case of failure, the motor will appear three-phase current imbalance. 

The possible reasons are:

1, three-phase power supply voltage imbalance caused by the electric hoist motor three-phase current imbalance.

2, the motor winding turn short circuit.

3, part of the stator winding coil connected.

4, the three-phase motor windings do not equal the number of turns.

5, winding circuit.


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