Russia Customer Visiting For The 3 Sets Hydraulic Deck Crane

- Aug 24, 2016 -

Russia Customer Boss and Engineer, MHICRANE Manager Chen, Engineer Wang and Project Manager Ivy attend the technical meeting of Hydraulic Marine Deck Crane on 24th, Aug. 2016. 

Russia Team will be here for 3 days, checking ready made double goliath crane, meeting for technical issues of the deck crane 28/7T and free time on the third day.

The main purpose of today's meeting is talking about and confirme the technical issues, other related problems, and ceritifications required.

CONTACT: Ivy Zhang

PHONE: 008613462399043

WECHAT: 290773227

WHATSAPP: 008613462399043


Russia Customer for Hydraulic Deck crane (2).JPG  

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