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Hydraulic Unloading Platform Structure and widely used for bulk cargo unloding lines.

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1. the unloading platform structure adopts the overall platform surface structure design, and the surface adopts high tensile drawing plate panel. The bottom frame of the panel adopts a unique "I" shape steel support structure, which effectively distributes the force and reduces the torque of the skeleton. The static load of the platform is from 8 tons to 15 tons, and the dynamic load is 5 tons to the maximum 10 tons.

2. the open type loose leaf joint structure is made of high tensile drawing steel plate, and is connected by a high strength galvanized shaft steel with a diameter of 25-30mm (1 "-1.2"). The open sheet joint is more than the traditional pipe welded joint, the increase of welding area is 300%, the force area is increased by more than 2.5 times, making the loose leaf spanner up to up to 4 times the bearing force; and it is more easy to maintain.

3. the open base is easy for clean up and daily maintenance.

4. power unit is made up of an integrated hydraulic system and a hydraulic pumping station. The power unit is installed on the base of the unloading platform, and the installation position is higher than the pit plane, away from garbage and debris.

5. power supply configuration. We can provide two power configurations for customers to choose: 380V/50Hz/0.75Kw and 220V/50Hz/1.1Kw, all equipped with built-in built-in overload protection motor.

6. main part of the hydraulic system is 63mm (2-1/2), and the inner diameter of the auxiliary cylinder is 50mm (2). Suitable for 40 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) ambient temperature. The single pipe connection extends the life of the fully sealed hydraulic system and the hydraulic pumping station, and reduces the maintenance cost.

7. control panel, one button button switch, easy to operate. The interlocking devices are installed between the storage devices, which further enhance the safety.

8. the 28 tons (60600lbs.) supporting leg structure of the independent leg structure is designed. During the unloading process, when the truck suddenly leaves the unloading area of the platform, the support leg can keep the cargo and forklift in the horizontal plane, minimize the occurrence of the accident and ensure the safety of the operator.

9. anti clamp foot is designed on both sides of the unloading platform. There are yellow / Black slanted bar warnings along the side. Even when the top is raised to the highest level, the side plate can also guarantee the complete closure of the side. It can effectively avoid the danger of pressing the toe, and make the man, the forklift and the goods fully protected.

10. assembly and maintenance support rod unloading platform has an assembly support pole to support the unloading platform and ensure the safety of the operating personnel under the platform for the maintenance of the equipment or the cleaning of the pit position.

11. floating adjustment, when the loose leaf small lap is mounted on the tail of the truck, it can be vertically deflected, and the adjustment range is within 100mm (4).

12., the front end of the anti-collision glue unloading platform is equipped with two heavy duty anticollision adhesives, the model is B300-250F, 250mm x 300mm (10 "x 12").


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