Control Cabinet Of Cranes

Control Cabinet Of Cranes

Cranes Control Cabinet, Control Panel

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Crane Control Cabinet

This series of control panels are cooperated with the main controller to control and protect the starting, speed regulation, commutation and braking of three-phase winding asynchronous motor of crane. The main return voltage is AC 50HZ, 380V, and the control circuit voltage is AC 50HZ, 220V, 380V or DC 220V. 

The control station is suitable for the following environments: 

(1) the altitude does not exceed 1000 meters;

(2) the temperature of surrounding medium is not higher than + 40 degrees C, not lower than - 30 degrees C; 

(3) the relative humidity does not exceed 85%; 

(4) the surrounding medium is not dangerous, there is no conductive powder and corrosive gas which can destroy insulation. 

Control Cabinet Crane Panel Product details: 

1, faster CPU processing speed: 0.065us/basic instructions, more number of soft components. 

2. Built-in 64K-step large capacity memory (RAM). 

3. Built-in high-performance display module can display English, digital and Japanese Chinese characters, up to 16 characters at half angle (8 characters at full angle)*4 lines. On this module, we can monitor and test the soft components, set the clock, transfer and compare the program between the memory card box and the built-in RAM. In addition, the display module can be pulled out from the body and installed on the panel of the control cabinet. 

4. A new analog adapter is added, which does not occupy system points and is easy to use. 

5. Enhanced communication functions, up to three communication ports (including programming ports) can be used at the same time. 

6. Built-in independent 3-axis positioning function up to 100 kHz, adding new positioning instructions: DOG search point regression (DSZR) and interrupt single-speed positioning (DVIT), which makes positioning control more powerful than before. 

7. Built-in high-speed counting function of 6 points and 100 kHz at the same time. 

8. Built-in CC-Link/LT main station function.

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