3 Major misunderstandings of the maintenance of mini crane

- Mar 08, 2018 -

3 major misunderstandings for the maintenance of mini  cranes

Small crane maintenance is worthy of a car owners and drivers to pay attention to things, prolong the service life of the small crane is to reduce the cost of small crane, but some small crane maintenance errors, and not everyone knows, so the knowledge maintenance of small crane is very necessary. There are 3 major misunderstandings about the maintenance of small cranes.

Filter replacement

More owners and drivers in the operation of small crane, crane found small idle problem, may be the first reaction is to maintenance requirements to replace the filter, filter that for a new, small crane run up is not what problem. In fact, it is not necessary, the maintenance staff in the store generally will not refuse such a requirement, after all, can make more money.

Because of the small crane filter replacement requirements are not the same, there is no need to change. From a professional point of view, steam filtration generally needs 30 thousand kilometers to replace. After 5000 kilometers, the machine filter needs to be replaced. The air filter usually needs to be replaced after 10 thousand kilometers. If you change it together, it will produce unnecessary waste. And when the replacement filter, in addition to the above data as the basis to consider the environmental factors of operation area, if not often use the small crane, there is no need to change the filter, just change the oil and filter it.

Overfill the oil

Many owners and drivers know that using small cranes will cause damage to cars when they are short of oil, but most people don't know that too much oil is no good. If you add too much oil, the engine crankshaft in the operation handle, the connecting rod of intense agitation, not only will increase the power loss of the engine internal, will make the splash onto the wall of oil increases, burning oil discharge. However, many owners and drivers are prone to make too many mistakes in the oil. Therefore, the addition of oil to small cranes must be added according to the standard. Excessive addition of oil will be harmful.

Waxing is too frequent

A lot of clean car owners will often waxing cars, thinking that they will not be afraid of acid rain or heavy snow, but also make the car paint bright, but do not know that waxing frequently will cause great damage to the car. Frequent waxing will bring damage to the car paint, because some of the car wax is rich in alkaline material, the long use will make the body turn black.

These small misunderstandings are caused by the excessive maintenance of the small crane, so it can't be blind to repair and maintain a small crane.


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