adjustable movable mini gantry cane

- Jan 30, 2018 -

adjustable movable mini gantry cane

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Some technical parameters

ELK-type electric chain hoist

  Hand chain hoist + hand car

  PK-type electric chain hoist

Finite element analysis, mechanics analysis experiment

Some simple gantry crane technical parameters

1, technical standards: through and meet the following criteria.

Design code for crane GB / T3811-2008

JB / T9008.1-99 wire rope hoist type and basic parameters of standards

JB / T9008.2-99 wire rope hoist technical conditions

JB / T5663-2008 electric hoist gantry crane manufacturing standards

JB / T 5317.1-1991 electric chain hoist type and basic parameters of the standard

2, the surface part: gantry surface using sandblasting rust paint: Leroy brand, Epoxy polyester amine primer + Epoxy polyester amine primer. Color can be customized according to GB color card.

3, Caster: Good domestic brands, quality beyond the same level of international brands, wheel diameter 200mm, material nylon wheel, non-market ordinary polyester amine wheel, nylon wheel hardness and wear resistance and steel the same material, single wheel Load 3500kg, damping coefficient of 3/1000, that is to say as long as the force of 15KG 5T heavy objects can be moved.

4, steel products using Mountain Steel Group, together with the material list. Main girder material Q2345, I-beam steel produced by the Special Steel Group, Shanghai maglev train tracks is from here. I-beam running smoothly seamless, wear-resistant, surface hardness HB300.

5, column Liaocheng Karalong seamless pipe industry, the vertical stability of the domestic good.

6, special-shaped steel using special rolling mill Laiwu Steel customized products.

7, the electrical parts: imported joint venture brands: Germany's Siemens / Schneider / Taiwan Shihlin Electric, ground protection, short circuit protection, loss of pressure protection, over-current overload protection, power supply phase protection.

8, patented cable: customized patented product, 100% foot square, YC rubber ribbon steel flat cable. Drag-and-drop cable on both sides of the cable to ensure that the operation will not drag the continuous line, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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