Advantage of the Permanent magnet lifter

- May 07, 2018 -

Permanent magnet hoist is widely used in mechanical industry, mold manufacturing, warehouses, transportation and other departments to transport steel plates, ingots and other magnetic conducting objects.

Characteristics of magnetic suction disc

1, small, compact body, easy to operate;

2, high-performance permanent magnetic material, if you do not knock, I will never demagnetization.

3, no need for power or other power support at work.

4, advanced and scientific magnetic circuit balance design, strong suction force, remanent magnetization is almost zero, safe and reliable;

5, the maximum pulling force is 3.5 times the rated gravity, and the safety factor is high.


1. the permanent magnet hoist is designed by computer simulation of magnetic circuit, with reasonable distribution of magnetic field and large penetration depth.

2. the permanent magnet hoist iron separator body is simpler than the electromagnetic iron remover, and does not need excitation power supply without cooling system.

3. permanent magnetic lifting device saves energy and energy saving, and the failure rate is low.

4. permanent magnet hoist is easy to operate, safe and reliable.


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