Advantages of European Type Wire rope electric hoist

- Jan 19, 2018 -

European wire rope electric hoist is manufactured with both European technology and domestic technology. It is superior in performance and many advantages over domestic electric hoist.

Advantages are as followed:

1.European electric hoist is lighter in weight, it can reduce the load of plant or workshop.

2.European electric hoist can freely run to any place of the working site, which greatly increases the working area of engineering operations.

3. European electric hoist height is small, because the mechanical structure through the layout of different types and transmission mechanism using high-speed motor and hardened decelerating system to achieve small size, you can do the so-called low headroom, which reaches the maximum lifting height .

4. European electric hoist assembles accurately, is easy in transportation and has long service life

5. European electric hoist structure is more compact, more stable.

6. Flexible operation, reliable performance.

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