Analysis of oil leaking cause of the lifter

- May 11, 2018 -

Analysis of the cause of oil leaking in the use of the lift

The aging caused by the frequent use of a lift

1, after the sealing ring is used for a long time, the friction and wear will lose the sealing performance, or the aging of the rubber and other materials makes the sealing ring completely damaged, and the clearance between the rotating shaft and the sleeve is worn, which causes the gap between the holes in the hole to increase, thus causing the leakage of oil.

2, tubing used plastic pipe, pipe joint selection of plastic joint, after long-term use, will appear material aging problem, resulting in the tubing and pipe joint rupture, causing oil leakage fault.

Unreasonable Design

1, there is no reasonable oil return path to cause oil leakage.

2. When the casting box is cast, the quality is not required. The defects of the sand hole, the hole, the crack, the loose tissue and so on appear, and the defects are not found in time. In the process of using the equipment, these defects are often the source of the leakage of the equipment.

3, as the combination of box and box cover is processed, the surface roughness is too bad and the surface roughness is too rough, or the residual internal stress is too large to cause deformation, so that the bonding surface is not tight, or the fasteners are damaged and loose, often cause oil leakage.

4, the sealing Department has not been rigorously examined, or the sealing dimension is not proper, and the structure with the seal is unreasonable, resulting in leakage of equipment.

5, seal or use conditions are not suitable, resulting in leakage of equipment.

Unauthorized maintenance or improper maintenance

When the lift is in trouble, the professional maintenance personnel should be requested in time. They should not be overhauled without permission, and should not continue to work when problems arise.


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