Analysis of wind resistance and how to prevent the accident

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Analysis of the wind resistance of a crane

1.The problem of wind resistance of  crane

The problem of crane's wind resistance is an important issue in hoisting equipment design. The relevant safety regulations and regulations specify the windproof safety facilities for bridge cranes. However, the wind damage of large port rail cranes occurred, and a number of cranes collapsed into the sea when it was serious.

In the face of accidents, there is reason to doubt the correctness of the original regulations and theories. Even though the new theory is put forward, it is understandable to introduce new wind resistant devices. However, it is more beneficial to analyze the cause of the accident carefully and objectively, to find the common place of the accident and to solve the problem scientifically and thoroughly.

2. common point of wind resistance accident of crane

What is the common accident? One is quantitative about the wind wind field are very fuzzy, said the wind is very big, but who also said that what is not the wind. However, there is no strong wind in the local weather, such as over 12. The local weather photos and videos on the Beaufort scale table on levels of wind, the wind all the scene of the accident are not more than 1O. How can this level of wind blow over a crane? The confused people suggested that the wind at the scene of wind damage is not the general wind, but the squall line wind, or the tornado. It may be this kind of wind, but this wind seems to be specially aimed at the crane, even though the trees and buildings nearby can survive, it is rather odd.

The common point of the accident is that all cranes that have been blown over by the lifting equipment have gone through the skidding process without exception before turning over.

Brake is the bridge hoistingequipment important security components, have suspended objects, stop falling parking function, only good brakes are guarantee of crane running accuracy and safety to the crane brake will appear insufficient braking power, braking wheel brake suddenly failure, high temperature and smoke, brake pad brake arm not open and mechanical failure.


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