anticorrosion of bridge overhead crane

- Jan 30, 2018 -

How to carry out anticorrosion of bridge crane?

When the bridge crane is shipped out from the workshop, it will start to enter the wear stage after assembly and acceptance. The process is slow. The oxidation on the surface is the easiest way to see. Therefore, it is necessary for workers to maintain the bridge crane's anti-corrosion and remove the appearance of dust. When it is rainy in summer, it is necessary to stop the injection film disposal, and spray a layer of oil film on the surface of the overhead crane to isolate the moist air.

The driving position should be set conductive sliding contact line protection plate: cab in crane sliding contact line terminal, set up the protection plate should be between the ladder and the crane; the end beam bridge crane slide wire end, should set up the protection board, to prevent the wire rope sling or contact with the accidental slip line; the other uses the sliding contact line of crane, prone to the risk of electric shock site should be set conductive sliding contact line protection plate; the bridge crane for multilayer arrangement, the lower the crane sliding contact line setting protection plate. The purpose of setting the protective plate of the conductive slip line is to isolate the sliding contact line and prevent the occurrence of electric shock.


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