Antirust treatment method for port crane

- Jul 19, 2007 -

With the pollution of the atmospheric environment, the open-air use of machinery and equipment, the corrosion problem has been a very serious problem, but also everyone should consider the problem. Port cranes are generally open use, so the use of corrosion maintenance in the process is very important work. There are several precautions for preventing corrosion. One is in the process of using, if it is found that the metal structure with paint is damaged, should be cleaned, coated with antirust paint and decorative paint, can not guarantee when the rain and snow corrosion. 

The two is for its activities, part of the connection should also do a good job of corrosion prevention. An oil film is formed on the surface of the metal to resist changes in temperature and damage. The manufacturer told you to use a layer of grease after cleaning and lubricating the diesel oil. Among them, calcium based or lithium based grease is a good choice, has a strong mechanical stability, but also with water resistance. When you apply grease, you should be careful not to smear it very thick.

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