Application and kinds of wire rope electric hoist.

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Application of wire rope electric hoist. Mainly used for lifting, loading and unloading, and move the heavy tank, flip welding, such as the installation of mobile and large and medium-sized concrete, steel structure and mechanical equipment, suitable for construction and installation companies, factories and mines of civil engineering and bridge construction, electric power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, construction, roads, bridges, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnel, well control protection and other infrastructure construction engineering machinery and equipment.

Model of wire rope electric hoist.

The capacity of the wire rope electric hoist is 0.5T/1T/2T/3T/5T/10T/16T/20T, and its matching wire rope is 6M/9M/12M/18M/24M/30M. It is also divided into CD1 (single speed) and MD1 (double speed type).

The following is the running speed of the wire rope electric hoist.

0.5T-5T 10T 16T-20T

Single speed: 8M/MIN single speed: 7M/MIN single speed: 3.5M/MIN

Double speed: 8M/MIN, 0.8M/MIN, double speed: 7M/MIN, 0.7M/MIN double speed: 3.5M/MIN, 0.35M/MIN.

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