Applied environment of the European Standard Cranes

- Jan 30, 2014 -

European cranes are generally divided into general grab cranes, bridge cranes, explosion-proof electric cranes, and magnet cranes. Which Environment are the European cranes suitable for?

The environmental requirements of European cranes are mainly the requirements of working conditions. Different cranes should be used for different conditions, meaning that they need to be tailored to different conditions. In general, the European crane can basically meet various working conditions.

If a European crane is to be used, the quality requirements of the operator must be kept up to ensure safety and usability.

So, what environment do European cranes apply to?

For the time being, European cranes are basically used in China: power, military, chemical industry, metallurgy, automobile, aviation, machine and so on. They are less used in chemical industry and smelting. They are out of vehicle and space military field, and precision machining.


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