Assembly Safety regulations for highway bridge erecting machine

- Apr 13, 2018 -

The product bridge erection machine is a device for placing precast beams into precast piers.

The bridge erection machine belongs to the category of crane, because its main function is to lift up beams, and then transport them to the location and put them down. But it is quite different from a crane in general sense. The requirements are strict, and there are beams running on them, or vertical movements.

Bridge erecting machine can be divided into several kinds, such as erecting highway bridge, conventional railway bridge, passenger dedicated railway bridge and so on. What are the safety requirements for bridge erection?

1. The assembly location of the bridge erecting machine should be selected at the bridge head of the beam, and the foundation must be compacted to keep enough density and 2-3 meters wide at the abutment.

The field assembly 2, bridging machine should be closed, prohibit Xianzarenyuan enter. The staff entering the assembly site must wear safety helmet and wear protective shoes, and those who work on the honing beam should fasten the safety belt.

3, assembly bridge erection machine should be responsible for on-site command by team leader and technician, then assemble according to the operation process from bottom to top, from center to side. When assembling the honing beam, we must set up the sleeper stack, and install every component must be strictly checked to ensure that there is no mistake. When installing motor, confirm the direction of rotation, and the same motor steering should be consistent. The installation of hydraulic parts must be noted that the position of inlet and outlet can not be reversed.

4, when assembling a bridging machine and using a truck crane to cooperate with the operation, we must strictly carry out the safety operation regulations for lifting operation, which is commanded by one person on-site. No excavator, loader and other construction machinery are allowed to replace crane operation.

5, after installation, the bridge erection unit must be checked and debugged.

6, after the above inspection is confirmed, the lifting beam test is carried out at the assembly site.


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