attention should be paid to during using the double bridge crane

- May 26, 2018 -

attention should be paid to during using the double bridge crane

1. understand the power supply and whether there is temporary power failure maintenance.

2. ring the bell to start the car, start the car to be stable, speed up by file. The conversion time between lifting gears is between 1 and 2S, and the conversion time between operating agencies is 3S or more.

3. When the object is lifted for the first time in each class, the object should be first suspended from the ground 0.5m and then put down. In the process of placing the object, it should first test the reliability of the brake and then carry out the normal operation.

4. Prohibit overloading operation. For the objects near the rated load, the second gear test crane, if it can not be suspended, shows that the weight of the object exceeds the rated load of the driving, and can not be quickly pulled to the high speed gear.

5. When the object is lifted, a sudden lifting is forbidden.

6. It is prohibited to hoist objects buried underground or coagulated on the ground, and hook up with vehicles and equipment, so as not to break the wire rope.

7. No slanting or skew hanging. Because the swaying will cause the object to swing and the wire rope to remove the groove.

8, the object of the crane is not allowed to pass over the head, and it is forbidden to stand on the hoisting objects. The lifting objects should go through the designated channel. The bottom of the lifting appliance or hanger must be above 2m of the ground. When crossing the obstacle, it should be more than 0.5m above the obstacle.

9, the driver should send out the signal in the operation according to the following regulations: lift and drop the object, when the big car is opened, the driving is close to the other vehicle; when the object is close to the ground personnel, the bell will be ringing. When a crane hoist passes through a line of sight, when a person stops on the lifting passage, he must ring the bell continuously to send out a signal.

10. When the vehicle runs normally, it is forbidden to use emergency switch, limit switch, and counter car to stop. In order to prevent the accident, it is necessary to stop the emergency stop.

11. Prohibit the crane from staying in the air for a long time. When driving goods, drivers are not allowed to leave their jobs at will.

12, in case of significant voltage drop and power interruption, the main switch must be cut off, and all controller handles can be pulled back to zero and stop working.

13. It is forbidden to transport or lift personnel by using objects on hooks or hooks.

14, two double beam crane hoisting the same weight, the weight does not exceed 85% of the total lifting capacity of two cranes, and to ensure that each crane is not overloaded.

15. When lifting heavy objects, liquid metals, flammable, explosive and dangerous goods, it must be slowly lifted from the ground 100-200mm to verify that the brake is reliable and then formally hoist.

16. the operation must concentrate, do not do anything irrelevant, such as answering cell phones.

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