Bad phenomena and corrective measures for bridge crane and main girder

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Bad phenomena and corrective measures for bridge crane and main girder

In the process of periodic overhaul of the bridge crane, it is found that the bridge frame and the main beam and other important parts have been deformed in varying degrees. The bad phenomenon of the bridge is that the diagonal difference exceeds a certain range, and the bad performance of the main beam is the side bend.

1, the consequences of bridge diagonal line is too large and the way to deal with it.

Once the diagonal difference is beyond the range of the bridge crane, the horizontal deflection of the wheel will be directly caused, and the rail will be gnawing after the crane runs.

In order to restore the bridge diagonal of the bridge crane, it must be corrected. The first thing to do is to determine the size of the diagonal difference, and then use the pulling tool to fit the flame.

During this process, the position of heating should be well controlled. It should be at the connection between the main girder and the end beam of the diagonal line with a smaller bridge. The heating area is also determined according to the actual correction. The heating direction is generally heated by the middle and upper ends, so as to obtain the ideal correction effect.

2, the cause of the main beam side bending of the bridge crane

In the case of improper hoisting or collision, the main girder of the bridge crane will appear to be inward bending, which belongs to the local bending, usually with the trace of collision, and the degree of the upper and lower cover plates inward is also different.

3, the side bending of main girder of bridge crane can be repaired by rectification.

One of the effective ways to deal with the side bending problem is to correct it. It can be carried out at the same time with the correction of the deflection of the main beam. That is to say, the heating area can be properly arranged in the side of the side bend or near it according to the requirements of the correction of the deflection and deformation, thus the deformation of the side bending can be restored to normal.

Besides the inner side bending, the main girder of the overhead traveling crane also presents a lateral bending phenomenon, which is caused by improper storage, improper storage or collision. If it is not serious, it does not need to be corrected. After it is used, it will gradually move closer to the inside.

But if the external bending of the main beam is relatively large, the general way can not get better correction effect, or the lateral cutting plate of the outer convex is cut laterally before the fire, and the main beam can be straightened with the drawing tool or the manual hoist and the flame correction.

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