Basic requirements for stability of port cranes

- Nov 19, 2012 -

"Basic requirements for stability of port cranes" GB/T 18439-2001

Scope of application

In order to meet the stability of the port crane, the crane has a certain resistance to overturning, and the specific requirements are put forward in the specification. The specifications are applicable to the bank crane, the tyre container crane, the port gantry crane and so on.

Stability of port crane

1. The definition of the stability of the port crane is that the stability moment of the crane itself is larger than the overturning moment.

2. When calculating the stability of the crane, it is calculated according to the standard of GB/T 3811. And in calculation, the data should be based on the most unfavorable forces such as the position of the fuselage, the influence of the load and so on.

3. When the crane is working, the overlay torque superimposed on the wind load and the inertia load vector should be at least 10% lower than the stability moment.

4, if crane is a trackless operation, when lifting on the inclined plane to carry out operations, we should take full account of the adverse effects brought by the stability of fuselage braces when computing stability.

5. If the port crane is used in the earthquake prone areas, the additional load should be added to the calculation in the calculation of stability.


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