Beam Truck concrete girder transporter

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Beam truck

The girder transporter is a heavy transport equipment that is used to transport large and full box girder when bridge construction is used in high-speed railway construction.

At present, the girder transport truck used for main beam is 900t, while the girder transporting truck used for the branch beam is 450 600t.

Basic parameters and technical description of the beam truck

The 450t - 900t girder transport vehicle is mainly used to transport the prefabricated box girder of large tonnage concrete, which can be transported to the frame beam from the precast field to the frame beam, and the corresponding girder operation is completed in conjunction with the bridge erecting machine. At the same time, can also carry beam car bridge erecting machine to achieve short distance transportation, to meet the requirement of the operation of the bridge transition.

The overall design of our beam truck is in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Railways "Beijing Shanghai high speed railway transport equipment development technology conditions". It can be used with all kinds of bridge erection machines to accomplish various works, which is universal.

The carriage is a tire type. It is driven by static pressure, the hydraulic suspension is independently steering or the hydraulic drive is driven by the connecting rod. The frame is the upper double box girder structure, and the longitudinal splicing is convenient for long distance transportation, assembly and decomposition.

The parameters of the girder transport vehicle meet the allowable carrying capacity of the roadbed and bridge culverts adopted when carrying beams.



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