Causions on overhaul of cranes

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Causions When the crane overhaul

Crane accessories are essential parts of the crane, and in the use of cranes, we believed that any mechanical equipment after used for some time, may be due to equipment quality problems or factors that present some problems. Crane is composed of a variety of lifting accessories, thus increasing the probability of the onset of defects. The following attention for everyone  when the crane overhaul;

First of all, to ensure personal safety.

Overhaul should pay attention to remove potential safety hazards, such as: adjustment of lifting gear adjustment brake clearance, replace worn clutches or friction plate seat of the control room can be easily adjusted up and down, but also to deal with simple control and Repair personnel injuries and machine security problems.

But also to enhance the sense of protection during the crew's work. When the machine is undergoing dangerous tests, adequate space and protective equipment should be left around the crane or lifting gear.

Moreover, to make good after ting service.

Lifting parts to establish overhaul of construction machinery repair files, and to repair units should be within a certain period of time to ensure that after the repair of construction machinery can reach the rule of performance and outstanding use of the situation. If there is something wrong with the rules during the period, those who can be cleared after adjustment should be handled by the employing units themselves.

If the onset of major changes, such as mechanical damage, severe oil spills, leakage, leakage and leakage of the need to disassemble the primary parts to be repaired, the repair unit should be told to repair units together to check. There is time to repair do not underestimate every detail, overhaul the results look at the details. Every detail should be noticed!

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