Change the quick-wear parts of the crane in time

- May 18, 2018 -

Change the quick-wear parts of the crane in time

The crane's wearing parts include wire rope, control button, control cable, brake wind wheel, fire extinguishers, reel, guide rope, pulley, slide wire, crab etc.

In the rapid wear parts of the crane, some vulnerable parts are to be used and run continuously during the operation of the crane, such as wire rope, control button, brake wind wheel and so on. These parts will be damaged to varying degrees after many times of use. Vulnerable parts are not only easy to damage, but also an essential part of crane operation. Without this part of vulnerable parts, cranes can not running.

When the damaged parts of the crane are damaged and not replaced, the consequences are very serious. When the crane hoist heavy objects, the wire rope is very easy to collapse, and the goods are damaged and accident appear. For example, after the damage of the control button of the crane has not been found, it is unthinkable that the crane is in danger of lifting and running.

Every crane's wearing parts must be constantly inspected or replaced regularly. It is found that the damaged parts of damaged cranes should be replaced immediately. Changing the damage parts of the crane is not only the guarantee of the quality and working state of the crane, but also the guarantee of the safety operation.

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