Classification and use of magnetic suction cups

- May 08, 2018 -

Classification and use of magnetic suction cups

The magnetic sucker is divided into an automatic magnetic sucker and a manual magnetic sucker.

The automatic magnetic chuck is usually used when lifting steel plates, and can be freely assembled according to the size of the steel plate.

The automatic magnetic sucker has the advantages of lightweight structure, convenient operation, strong suction, no power consumption, safety and reliability.  Magnetic chuck helps to improve the working conditions of material handling and improve productivity. Therefore, as an efficient, safe and energy saving new magnetic spreader, it has been widely used in shipbuilding, construction machinery and mold manufacturing.

The use of permanent magnet crane operation, no external power supply and complex electronic control part, operation is very simple, easy to use, safe and reliable, automatic cycle completion of suction and discharge action.

Permanent magnetic lifting device can be used with crane and crane, such as crane and other lifting equipment. It can not only be used alone, but also multiple combinations of large steel plate, steel billet or other steel. It is durable and convenient for maintenance. It is an ideal magnetic crane to save energy.

The manual magnetic suction cup is usually used when lifting the workpiece. It is often used individually and can be used in combination. Because of the small volume of the manual permanent magnet lifting device, the thickness of the steel plate is higher.

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