Common malfunction and elimination method of crawler spider crane

- May 02, 2018 -

Common malfunction and elimination method of crawler spider crane

High temperature of hydraulic system

Failure causes: excessive system pressure, oil cooling system failure, overload caused by hydraulic pump.

Solution: we should timely adjust the safety valve pressure to the right; repair or replace damaged parts; stop overloading operations.

Hydraulic motor oil noise and vibration

Fault cause: blow into air; connect too loose or dislocation cause.

Solution: remove the air in time and check the oil level of the hydraulic tank; tighten the tightness and check the tightness and bearing.

The slow motion of the hydraulic motor

Causes of failure: low oil pressure, low oil volume, too high viscosity of oil, and wear caused by hydraulic motor wear.

Solution: adjust the flow according to the need; raise the oil temperature; if the viscosity of the oil is too large, you should change the oil; repair the motor or replace it.

Insufficient oil supply or excessive amount of oil in the hydraulic system

Cause of failure: improper adjustment of flow control valve; improper adjustment of safety valve / unloading valve; leakage of system.

Solution: re adjust valves according to needs; tighten connection joints and discharge air.

The work device is unstable and the pipe is shaking violently.

Failure causes: pressure is unstable; air in the system; the back pressure valve spool is not flexible.

Solution: adjust the safety valve, clean the filter or replace the oil, tighten the joint, discharge the air, replace the seals, repair or replace.

Too much foam in hydraulic oil

Causes of failure: incorrect oil number, improper viscosity, safety valve wear or damage.

Solution: replace suitable oil; repair or replace worn safety valve.

Hose rupture

Fault reason: hose specification is not correct; hose bending radius is not suitable.

Solution: replace the hose that meets the specification and follow the correct bending radius according to the new hose.

Abnormal steering speed

Causes of failure: improper adjustment of safety valve; insufficient supply of hydraulic motor; wear of slewing bearing.

Solution: re adjust the safety valve; clear the filter, check whether the oil leakage, if the leakage must be promptly removed; overhaul or replace damaged parts. 

Brake skidding in working mechanism

Cause of failure: brake belt and brake drum clearance too large; brake with grease; brake belt wear.

Solution: adjust clearance; clean up oil; replace new wear.

The decelerator is hot or sound

The cause of the trouble is low oil level of the lube oil, oil leakage due to oil seal, excessive gear wear.

Solution: add lubricating oil; replace oil seal; replace worn gear.

Walking mechanism is unstable

Fault cause: track is too tight or too loose; track belt supporting wheel or supporting wheel damage.

Solution: adjust the tightness of the track; repair or replace the new towing wheel or supporting wheel.

Track deviation or rail gnawing

The cause of the failure is the deformation of the track bracket, the serious wear of the track pin, the wear of the flange of the supporting wheel, and the discontinuity of the center of the guide wheel and the supporting wheel.

Solution: adjust or replace damaged and deformed parts; correct the steering wheel and the supporting wheel to make the two centers conform to each other.


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