Common methods for troubleshooting of port crane and other port engineering machinery

- Jun 18, 2016 -

Common methods for troubleshooting of port crane and other port engineering machinery

The common methods to determine the failure of port engineering machinery or port engineering machinery fittings under the condition that we know nothing about it.

1, the test method: that is to ensure that it will not cause the expansion of the fault, then we can observe the action of the action mechanism repeatedly by sending the electric test, find the abnormality, remove the trouble or help further find the fault.

2, voltage method: This is a direct and effective method to find a shortcut, when the actuating mechanism of the action without action, we can use the multimeter to start from the ends of the coil, the voltage of each element one by one measuring coil and coil branch, finally find the point of failure, troubleshooting.

3, a short connection: when we found an action element action should be without action, and this element is in a multi loop, use a multimeter can not draw accurate conclusions, we can through the short circuited coil branch of the element coupled interlocking control element, one by one in the fault point.

4, grounding method: when it is suspected that a long branch line has broken line and find the breakpoint of the line, under the condition of power failure, we can connect one end of the line to the ground, and measure whether the other end of the line is grounded, so as to get the accurate conclusion.

Though these are not all methods to check the failure of port engineering machinery, they can still be detected for most faults. I hope you can really remember them, and we hope we can really help you.


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