conical rotor motor

- May 09, 2018 -

The micro electric hoist adopt a conical rotor motor.

The stator inner cavity and rotor shape of the conical rotor motor are conical, and the conical brake ring is inlaid on the fan brake wheel, and the static brake ring is inserted on the rear end cover.

After the stator is electrified, the rotating magnetic field is generated, and the axial magnetic pull is produced. The rotor moves in the axial direction and compresses the spring. The conical ring on the fan brake wheel leaves the static brake ring and the rotor begins to rotate.

After the stator is broken down, the axial magnetic pulling force is disappearing, and the rotor is reset together with the fan brake wheel under the action of the spring, and contact the static brake ring to produce friction torque, forcing the motor to stop immediately.


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