Container Tilting's performance and application scope

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Performance and scope of application of container turnover machine

The main function of the container tilter container loading and unloading machine is to improve the loading and unloading of the bulk cargo. It is characterized by fast speed, low operating cost, power supplied by the motor, low noise and small vibration.

The container turnover machine is a full hydraulic system. The main oil cylinder uses a cylinder with a diameter of 140 millimeters. The overturned cylinder uses an oil cylinder with a diameter of 100 millimeters. It has a large weight, small system pressure and a hydraulic two-way lock to prevent the sudden pressure from the hydraulic system caused by the rupture of the tubing or other reasons. The rise and fall is stable, safe and efficient in loading and unloading.

The container turnover machine can realize the 90 degree of container turnover, the movement unit can rotate 90 degrees, and can turn and shift at any angle. The turning radius is small and the operation is convenient. It is suitable for a variety of containers to be turned over. It is required to be used in flat, hardened, non potholed sites and suitable for grain depot, wharf, station, Freight yard and other places.

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