core technology of chain electric hoist

- May 10, 2018 -

Electric chain hoist has the characteristics of stable performance, compact size and wide adaptability. It has become the classic hoisting gourd product that leads the development trend of electric hoist.

Chain electric hoist core technology:

The ring chain electric hoist adopts the disc brake motor, the rotor and the stator are covered vertically, so as to reduce the transmission error as much as possible, so the volume is small, the power is large, and the brake is fast.

The electric chain hoist is equipped with 80 grade manganese steel chain. The existence of manganese is to solve the strength problem, so the lifting chain is not easy to break.

The inner gear and gear ring of the gear box of the ring chain electric hoist are made of fine steel and processed by the heat treatment process, which makes the stiffness of the tooth greatly improved, thus reducing the impact force of the gear meshing caused by its elastic deformation, which is an effective measure for the noise reduction of the electric hoist, and a lot of ring chain electric hoists. In terms of noise reduction, it is not enough to protect the environment, precisely because it does not solve this technical problem well. In addition, increasing the modulus of gear is a simple and effective way to increase gear rigidity.

The fine steel cover can effectively protect the internal parts from impact.

The remote controller carries the wired operation handle, the unique design, specially designed for solving the poor environment of the power supply in various working conditions, that is, plug and play, and a variety of operating situations.

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