Crane Coupling

- May 19, 2018 -

The coupling is a part that transfers torque between the driving shaft and the driven shaft. Usually, the power machine needs to connect with the working machine through the coupling, and in the general torque transfer function, some of the coupling on the crane with higher performance requirements also have the function of cushioning and damping.

The coupling is one of the important parts on the crane. Understanding the function of the coupling is of great significance to the understanding of the working principle of the crane and the development of the maintenance work.

When the crane is in operation, the components will be subjected to the action of force. Under the action of force, it is easy to deform, especially the bridge part. Once the bridge has been deformed, it will directly affect the journey and operation of the car operation mechanism. When the main beam is in the state of deformation, in order to ensure that the operating mechanism of all parts of the crane can also operate normally, the error in the manufacturing and installation of the crane is compensated, and the coupling is generally provided with compensation for the crane equipment. This type of coupling includes cross coupling, gear coupling and so on.

One, cross couplings

The cross coupling is usually installed between the low speed shaft and the wheel of the reducer. It has the advantages of simple structure and large transmission torque, and is very strict in installation accuracy. After a period of time, lubricating oil is required for the sliding surface of the cross coupling.

Two. Gear coupling

The gear coupling is a widely used compensation type coupling. According to different structures, gear couplings can be divided into two types: full tooth coupling and half toothed coupling. The advantages of this coupling are small size and large torque transfer, which can effectively compensate the offset at both ends of the connecting shaft. However, the cost of this type of couplings is often high, the manufacturing process is complex, and the installation accuracy is high.


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