Crane hooks maintenance

- Jun 17, 2004 -

the reason and the maintenance precautions of Crane hook lifting fault

During driving, the cranes hook often encounters the problem of ascent of the driving hook, which may be caused by the problem of the power line, control wiring or control device of the device. In addition to the rising fault, the hook can not be lowered, the hook is not used flexibly and the hook has cracks and other problems, which are all potential safety issues. If you do not pay attention, the hook is the most common single-beam traffic on the pickup device, lifting the lifting load of heavy loads. In operation, the hook broken once broken, the consequences could be disastrous. In order to ensure the use of safety, use must be strictly in accordance with rules and regulations, non-overload. Check the opening degree of the hook, wear and the corresponding safety devices for scientific analysis. If there is a crack hook, in accordance with GB10051 --- 88 standards.

Travel hook maintenance precautions:

(1) When the crane is under maintenance, disassemble and inspect the hooks, axles and transverse single-beam trucks, pulleys and bearings, and clean them for lubrication. The hooks can not crack, otherwise they will be handled according to regulations. Threaded part should be tightened, bearing is not damaged. Turn the pulley, thread undercuts knife marks or cracks, it should be scrapped replacement.

(2) Check the dangerous cross-section wear status, when the degree of wear is greater than 10% of the original height, regarded as scrapped, replacement treatment.

(3) after the overhaul of the hook test, suspended with 1.25 times the rated load for more than 10 minutes, the elastic opening of the hook port is not higher than 0.25% of the original size, and after downloading no deformation, cracks.

(4) When the hooks are riveted, the clearance between the plate and the plate is not more than 0.3 mm.

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