Crane mechanism working level

- May 28, 2018 -

Working level of crane mechanism:

The working level,is the busy degree of organization work, it is divided into T9 total 10 levels according to the total hours of operation in the total life span of each institution. The load state indicates that the loading degree of the mechanism is divided into four grades: light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. The working level is divided into M1 to M8 according to the diagonal principle according to the grade of utilization and load state. There are 8 levels.

Crane working level and crane lifting weight are two different concepts.

The lifting weight refers to the quality of the material being lifted once, and the working level is the characteristic parameter of the crane's comprehensive operation. The lifting weight is large, the work level is not necessarily high, the lifting capacity is small, and the work level is not necessarily low. Even if the same type of crane is of the same weight, the safety factor of the components will be different if the working level is different. If only the heavy tonnage is ignored and the work level is ignored and the crane with low level of work is used frequently and full load, it will accelerate the discarding of the vulnerable parts, make the faults frequent and even cause accidents.

The working level of cranes and metal structures is different from that of the agencies. For the same crane, because of the inconsistency and unequal time of each working mechanism, even the same crane, the work level of different mechanisms is often inconsistent with the working level of the crane, which should be paid special attention to when the parts of different organizations are scrapped and updated.

The overall working level of the crane:

The working level of the crane is a parameter that indicates the heavy workload of the crane, that is, the heavy degree of the crane working in time and the parameters of the full load. The hook type is divided into A1-A3 (Light grade); A4-A5 (intermediate); A6-A7 (heavy grade). Light grade (A1-13): rarely rise rated load, generally lift a slight load, more used in power stations or other workplace installation and maintenance equipment, or work is not commonly used in the workshop and warehouse.

Intermediate (A4-15): sometimes rising rated load, generally rising medium load, used in heavy workshops and garages, such as general machinery and general assembly workshops.

Heavy grade (A6-A7): as often rising rated load, generally lifting heavier loads, used in heavy work workshops and warehouses, such as heavy heavy goods and metallurgical workshops used for long and frequent cranes.


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