crane weight limiter

- May 24, 2018 -

Overview of crane weight limiter:

The lifting weight limiter is a safety protection device for hoisting machinery, which is specially used for various types of electric hoist single and double beam cranes. The device has the functions of sound alarm, immediate alarm, cutting off the hoisting motor loop of the crane and displaying the weight of the lifting weight. It can avoid the equipment and personal accidents caused by overloading of the lifting equipment. Therefore, it is of great significance to modern, safe production in metallurgy, machinery, mining, railways, docks, warehouses and other industries.

Function features of weight limiter:

1. because of the use of advanced anti-jamming devices and unique software design, the device has strong anti-interference capability.

2. in order to eliminate the influence of the change of the sensor, amplifier and machinery, this device adopts the zero point automatic tracking memory technology to ensure the precision of weighing.

3. this device adopts mathematical model control technology, which can limit the abnormal excessive impact during lifting and avoid damage caused by excessive impact.

4. the signal between the sensor and the control box is digitally transmitted, which improves the transmission distance and anti-interference performance, and is especially suitable for cranes equipped with variable frequency motors.

5. in order to facilitate the installation, the components of this device have been adjusted separately in the factory according to the technical standards, and the installation and commissioning part of the installation is no longer necessary.

6. in order to facilitate the accurate display of the steady value, the limiter adopts the software adjusting memory technology, and is convenient and intuitive when adjusting.

Technical index of crane weight limiter:

1. scope of application: 3~1000 tons gantry or bridge cranes (other types of lifting appliances can be customized according to user requirements).

2. system error: less than 5%;

3. way of warning:

(1) warning points: when the lifting weight reaches 90% of the rated lifting weight, the intermittent alarm sound (short sound) is issued to show the weight of heavy objects.

(2) rated alarm: when lifting weight reaches 100% of rated lifting weight, intermittent alarm sound (long sound) is issued to show weight of heavy goods.

(3) immediately alarm: when the lifting weight reaches the rated lifting weight of 110%, a continuous alarm sound is issued, and the delay 2 seconds,then automatically cut off the crane's rising contactor power,  weight displayed.

4. the static strength of the sensor: the static strength of the sensor is 3 times that of the rated load.

5. working temperature: -40 C ~ +60 C;

6. relative humidity: 45% to 95%;

7. power supply voltage: AC380V (or 220V), 50HZ

8. relay contact capacity: relay contact capacity is AC380V, 4A;

9. the withstand voltage of the controller: the withstand voltage of the controller is 2000V;

10. display mode: four bit LED digital display, decimal point automatic switching.

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