Crane wind proof device

- May 17, 2018 -

Gantry cranes, tower cranes, bridge erecting machines and other lifting appliances all need to be carried out in the open air, which is greatly influenced by wind loads. In order to ensure that the crane will not be blown down or blown by high winds and affect normal safety operations, it is necessary to equip these devices with wind protection devices.

One, iron shoe type wind proof device

As the crane moves in between the wheel and the track, when the crane moves backward because of the wind, the force acting on the wheel is acting on the iron, making the rolling friction between the wheel and the track, turning into the sliding friction between the iron and the track. As the resistance increases, the crane will be able to prevent the movement of the crane and play the wind proof. The effect. This device can be divided into two types: manual and electric. Among them, the iron skid of the electric type iron shoe and the crane are floating connected. At ordinary times, the iron is pressed by the spring force on the track. When the crane opens the machine, the iron is kept under the action of the electromagnet, and it is not obstructed.

Two, clamp type wind proof device

The device clamps both sides of the track by clamping clamps to increase the frictional force of the track so as to prevent the crane from sliding. This device is also called the rail clamp. In order to improve the tightness of the clamping, the lever structure is often used to design. There are four common types: manual screw type, hydraulic spring type, electric screw type and electric heavy hammer type.

Three, anchor type wind proof device

Anchor type windbreak device is a common preventive device. When the gale warning signal is received, or if it is not used for a long time, the anchor type wind protection device can be used to prevent wind and skid. The anchor type wind protection device requires that the temporarily used crane should be moved to a predetermined position and fasten the crane with locking parts such as bolts and ejector pins.

Four, pressure rail type wind proof device

This device uses the weight of the crane to operate on the track, increasing the friction between the wheel and the track to prevent the crane from moving. The pressure rail type wind protection device is not affected by the side of the track, and its applicability is stronger than that of the clamp type. However, this kind of windproof device can not provide high wind protection performance and is often used with other wind protection devices.


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