Cranes are moving towards automation and intelligence

- Jun 18, 2004 -

The renewal and development of cranes depend greatly on the improvement of electric drive and control. Combining mechanical technology and electronic technology, the advanced computer technology, microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, optical fiber cable technology, hydraulic technology, fuzzy control technology is applied to mechanical drive and control system, the implementation of crane automation and intelligent. We'll talk more about that today.

The new generation of electric control device of crane has developed into an all-electronic digital control system. It is mainly composed of digital control drive, programmable controller, fault diagnosis and data management system, digital control, and other equipment. Variable voltage variable frequency speed regulation, rf data communication, fault self-diagnosis, sling the fuzzy control, laser stabilizer for lifting weight, near field induction collision technology, field bus, carrier wave communication and control, contactless power supply, and three dimensional bar code technology will be widely applied. In order to make the crane more flexible, it is suitable for the flexible production mode of batch less batch, and improve the integrated automation level of the single machine. Key development to high performance microprocessor as the core of electric transmission device, the crane has excellent speed regulating and static dynamic characteristics, can operate automatic control, automatic display and record, crane operation of automatic detection and protection, remote monitoring and so on special occasions, to meet the needs of the automatic production.

The crane USES the laser device to find the center of gravity of the lifting object, and the device is equipped with ultrasonic sensor to guide the pickup device to automatically grab the goods. The hoisting system can quickly reduce the swing amplitude of lifting objects to a few millimeters when running speed of 200m/min, acceleration of 0.5m2 / s. The crane can be accurately positioned through a magnetic field converter or laser. A near-field induction system is installed on the crane to avoid collision between the cranes. Crane also installed on the computer since the diagnostic monitoring system, the system can provide most of the routine maintenance inspection content, such as gear box oil temperature, oil level, wheel bearing temperature, load, stress and vibration situation of crane, the life of the brake linings and temperature conditions, etc.

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