crawler cranes

- May 21, 2018 -

Crawler cranes are a kind of mobile cranes with good maneuverability and cross country. With the development of the economy, the construction scale of municipal engineering, wharf, water conservancy and wind power is increasing, and the volume, weight and lifting height of the suspended goods are increasing, and the application of the mobile crane will be more and more extensive.

The characteristics of crawler cranes can be summarized as strong lifting capacity, allowing load operation, small grounding ratio and slow running speed. The lifting part of crawler crane is mounted on a special crawler chassis and is run by caterpillar device.

On tracked cranes, no cab, driving and lifting operations are carried out in the control room. The earth pressure ratio of crawler crane is smaller than that of the crane, and it can support the leg while operating, and it can walk on load. The tower arm is equipped with a tower arm instead of a tower crane.

When the distance of the crawler crane is far away, we usually use other tools to remove it and then transport it. After the construction site to be assembled. Within a short distance, crawler cranes can walk to the designated locations themselves. What needs to be lived is that crawler cranes can not walk on highways. Because of the above characteristics, the smaller tonnage cranes are gradually replaced by tire cranes in the market. But the medium and large tonnage caterpillar crane has obvious advantages in the aspects of arm length, lifting torque, amplitude, adaptability and so on, so it is more and more widely used in large scale engineering.

Crawler cranes are flexible in operation, capable of turning at 360 degrees, capable of working on soft, muddy ground and running on rough terrain. Crawler hoisting plays an indispensable role in large-scale projects, especially in assembly structure operations, such as fan installation and nuclear power plant hoisting.


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