Daily maintenance of gantry crane and precautionary measures about common faults

- Jan 27, 2018 -

Gantry crane is widely used now, since it is big and important, today, let's introduction common failures of it and how to prevent its happening.

First, the wire rope failure

 In the course of work, the stress of each wire rope is not the same, the force distribution is also different, and finally lead to wear and tear of the wire rope.


1, Crane shall not lift more than the rated weight of the goods.

2, In different environments and work intensity, choose the different ropes.

3, Regular lubrication of steel wire rope maintenance

4, To ensure that the wire rope does not exist kinks, dead ends, hard bending, plastic deformation and other serious deformation of the case to work.

5, The length of the wire rope should be enough to make the hook down to the lowest position, and the remaining rope in the reel should not be less than 3 laps.

Second, reel and pulley failure

During the working process of the crane, the drum is an important part of the force. As the service time increases, the contact of the drum with the steel wire rope continues to be squeezed and rubbed against each other, causing the wall of the drum to be thinned and finally broken. According to industry standards, new drums should be replaced when the degree of web wear has reached 20% of the original level or cracks have been found.


1, Make sure smooth roller skating, there is no crack

2, When the wheel groove uneven wear degree of 3 mm or the wall thickness reduced to 20% of the original, wheel slot deemed scrapped, replacement treatment.

3, Skating protective cover fastening, there is no wear and tear phenomenon

Third, the hook and anti-decoupling device failure

Hooks are used more frequently, bear the weight of all the goods during the crane work, and once the hook breaks, it may cause a serious accident. Usually because of long-term friction and overload led hook cracks, deformation and damage fracture.


1, Lifting no more than the safe rated loading capacity

2, Inspection should be reasonable to assess the degree of opening of the hook, the danger of cross-section of the wear and tear, the emergence of the fracture in accordance with the standards, prohibit the use of welding hook welding again.

Fourth, reducer gear failure

Reducer, as an important transmission components of the crane, the use of gear meshing torque transmission, so that the high-speed motor rotation to adjust the appropriate speed. During the work may occur gear tooth breakage, tooth pitting, tooth glue and so on.


1, The crane can not work overload, start, brake action should be slow, steady, can not be too hasty, too fast.

2, Regular replacement of lubricants and cleaning

Fifth, the brake failure

In the gantry crane, the brake is an important safety component of work safety. To prevent the sudden drop of suspended objects, as well as parking and other functions. Only in the intact brake, the crane can run accurately and safely. Brake brake force is not enough, the brake suddenly failure and so on mechanical failure.


1, There is no hinge at the hinge or wear and tear situation

2, To ensure the normal hydraulic system

3, To ensure that the wear between the brake wheel and brake belts are normal, keep clean

4, According to the inspection of the situation to analyze whether the brake can work normally, forbidden to work with sickness, the other to regular brake lubrication maintenance, cleaning.

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