dangerous signs of the overhead bridge travelling cranes

- Jun 19, 2013 -

What are the dangerous signs of the overhead bridge travelling cranes?

The signs of dangerous parts include: yellow and black stripes, red and white stripes, red signs, red lights and logo.

How should we manage the signs of dangerous parts of overhead travelling crane? There are some dangerous parts in the overhead crane. So we need to know these parts and make corresponding signs, so we can pay special attention to avoid danger when we use overhead travelling cranes. What is that specific? Please look at the following analysis and exposition.

1. safety management

(1) the manufacturing unit of the crane shall mark the product of the factory, and the use unit shall mark the use of the car.

(2) the mark of the dangerous part should be regularly checked and maintained. Once the color fading or damage occurs, it should be repaired or replaced in time, and it can not be careless.

The marking method of dangerous parts

(1) for the side rails, the fetching device, the lifting beam, the outrigger leg, the obstacle removing device and the protective rails at the interface between the walking table and the ladder of the mobile cab, for these parts, yellow and black stripes should be used.

(2) on both sides of mobile crane basic arm, "should be prohibited to stand underneath of the lifting arm of signs.

(3) on both sides of the rear end of the revolving tail, there should be a word mark of "attention safety within the operating radius".

2. for these signs, the requirements are as follows:

(1) the sign should be clear, complete and correct, and should be able to maintain a long time. The color of the logo should be in accordance with the requirements.

(2) the width of the stripes should be 50 to 100mm, and each color in the logo should be less than two. If it is tilted, the angle with the level should be 45 degrees.

(3) when the yellow and black stripes are marked, if the background color will weaken the logo effect, then it is allowed to replace the stripes with white and white stripes.

(4) when using a text sign, the font in the text part should be blackbody, the color of the font should be black, and the background color should be yellow.

(5) if the car is used in the road, railway and water, it must meet the requirements of the relevant national regulations.

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