Design of rope guide for steel wire rope crane

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Design of rope guide for steel wire rope crane 

The ropes installed by the crane, working principle is same,  and the rope guide itself cannot be rotated. When the drum is rotated, it will drive along the axial line with the wire rope and drive along the axis. At any time, the spiral wire can be accurately introduced into the drum, and the wire rope will be discharged from the notch of the rope guide. However, the failure rate of this type of wire guide is high in use. There is often a phenomenon that the rope guide 1 is pulled out and the connecting rod 5 is bent. The main reason is that the rope guide 1 is slid on the connecting rod 5, and the rope device 1 moves on the reel and can not be synchronized with the winding of the wire rope. In order to reduce the occurrence of this kind of fault, the design form of the rope guide is improved.

The electric hoist single winding should be set to guide rope; when the rope guide, should be able to ensure that when the wire rope hook down, no other external force, wire rope can still be freely discharged from the outlet of guide rope, when the rise and fall of the rated load, the wire rope reel axis vertical plane angle of plus or minus 3 degrees, can work normally. The rope guide can prevent the rope.

When there is no rope guiding rope to cause rope entanglement, the wire rope will enter the gap of the end of the drum, and it will be extruded and deformed. The skew crane will cause the deformation of the rope, the wire rope, the wear between the wire rope and the drum shell.


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