Determination of self weight of goliath cranes steel structure

- Jul 09, 2016 -

Determination of self weight of gantry crane bridge steel structure

In calculating the steel structure of a gantry crane bridge, constant loads acting on the girders or trusses of the bridge must be determined. These loads are related to the deadweight of the half of the bridge (without considering the weight of the end girders). When determining the weight of a bridge it is common to use drawings of the crane bridge of similar construction, lifting weight and span, as well as weight chart or weight map.


The method of determining the deadweight of the gantry cranes' metallic structure can be used in the calculation of different structural bridges.

 Determination of self weight of gantry crane bridge steel structure

As we all know, the most advantageous weight of the bridge steel structure is guaranteed at a certain ratio between the span of the bridge. For example, for a lattice-type bridge that weighs 15 tons, the most favorable height is 15/9 at a span of 15 meters.


However, to accommodate the bridge, it is common to give smaller bounding dimensions in terms of height and, therefore, a more unfavorable bridge height must be specified. For example, for a gantry crane with a gantry crane that weighs 15 tonnes, a 1: 1 ratio is recommended for a span of 15 meters.


The gantry crane bridge structure should not only meet the strength conditions in allowable stress, but also meet the stiffness conditions in allowable deflection.


After the height of the bridge is set, the gantry crane designer should take into account that under the statute of the National Lifting Device Inspection Agency, the deflection of the bridge is determined under the static force of applied load and the calculated stress is determined at full load. In other words, it is determined taking into account all active loads and constant loads that take into account the dynamic coefficients.


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