Development direction of crane

- Jun 10, 2004 -

As an important equipment for material handling, crane is used more and more widely in the modern production process, and its function is more and more big, and the requirement of crane is higher and higher. Today, we are talking about the direction of its development.

The first is modularization and composition. Using modular design instead of the traditional design method of the whole machine, the components, components and parts with the same function on the crane can be used for many purposes. They have the same connection elements and interchangeable standard modules. Different types and specifications of cranes can be formed through the combination of different modules. The crane can change small batch production into module production has a batch of specialized production, achieve high efficiency, to improve the performance, reduce manufacturing cost, improve the level of generalization, fully meet the needs of users.

Followed by large-scale and private. Due to the continuous expansion of production scale, production efficiency increasing, material handling costs and production process of a gradual increase in the proportion of demand to large or growing high-speed crane. The utility model has more and more weight, higher work speed and higher requirements for energy consumption and reliability. The crane is easy to operate and maintain, and has good safety, high reliability, durability, trouble free, maintainability and economical use. Crane market continues to expand, varieties are constantly updated, with unique features to meet the special needs, to play the best utility, adaptability is stronger than ever.

Third, light and variety. A large number of cranes are used on a general occasion, and the work is not very heavy. Cranes are large in size, wide in use, and comprehensive in efficiency. Minimize the height of the shape, simplify the structure, reduce the weight and wheel pressure, and also reduce the height of the whole building, light structure, and reduce the cost.

Finally, complete sets and systematization. Based on the single crane automation, through the computer to a variety of hoisting and conveying machinery is composed of a material handling system, through the control of the central control room, and the organic combination of production equipment, coordinate with production system. The crane has a high degree of automation, information processing, information can be detected in the implementation of sensor storage, logic operation, and transform processing, then send control commands to the actuator. With good information input and output interface, the whole, accurate and reliable transmission of information in the whole material handling integrated system is realized.

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