Electric rail car daily maintenance and repair

- Jun 19, 2004 -

Electric rail car daily maintenance and repair

1. Electric rail car routine maintenance is cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication as the main content of the preventive routine inspection to keep the vehicle in good working condition.

2. Rail flat car is a regular maintenance of a comprehensive inspection, adjustment, fastening, lubrication, and exclude irregular status as the regular inspection.

Rail car regular maintenance cycle for the 1500-2500km-based.

3. For newly built or overhauled heavy-duty electric rail cars, they must be taken for a period of regular maintenance; seasonal changes in temperature are also required for seasonal maintenance to ensure their normal operation.

Electric rail car every two regular maintenance mileage (3000-4000km) or driving full year, the axle must be carried out on a testing inspection.

Rail flat car repair is divided into minor repairs, repair item, overhaul three kinds of repair. Roads should be in accordance with the provisions of the mileage to be repaired on schedule, shall not be extended use.

1, minor repair is walking and braking systems and other parts of the repair and replacement work. Rail car minor repair cycle 6 000-8 000km.

2, item repair is based on the actual technical status of rail cars, targeted some of the assembly repair and replacement work.

3, overhaul is the complete repair of all components and replace the necessary components of the work. Rail car overhaul cycle of 60 days.

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