Electric rail flat car basic knowledge

- Jun 15, 2004 -

Electric rail flat car basic knowledge

Track electric flat car: referred to as electric flat car. A kind of factory rail electric transport vehicles, Wang Wenhengyi, first run on the track of its vehicles, the need to lay the track on the ground, the track individual I-type surface contact track; followed by its electric vehicles, electric driven automatic operation, Once again, it is a kind of flatbed car in individual cases, with a flat, uncoated platform. In exceptional cases, it can also be a non-planar but no-car cover. The steering wheel without steering wheel has only a forward / backward bias , Convenient operation, large carrying capacity, not afraid of dirty not afraid of smashing, easy shelter, long service life and other characteristics, because of its convenience, economy, application, easy to clean and many other advantages, as the enterprise plant interior and plant and plant a short distance Positioning frequent transport of heavy objects of the preferred transport.

There are seven important technical parameters of rail electric flat car: power supply pattern, deadweight, table size, table height, track length, track spacing, holding body pattern, of which the most important technical parameters for the power supply and deadweight tonnage, orbital electric Flat car to determine the power supply to its model to determine the size of the deadweight tonnage, the model can be supplemented by track spacing and mode of operation. Model Description: rail electric flat car according to their power supply is not divided into the following models or series: 1.KPD series of low-voltage rail-powered electric flat car: the voltage will be reduced to 36 volts safe voltage Seoul connected to the track, powered by the track to Flat car motor. As the adoption of 36V insurance voltage, the highest insurance performance; do not have to cable because there is no wiring, it is not afraid of hot.

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