Energy saving sliding contact line will be more popular in the future

- Sep 24, 2004 -

Energy saving sliding contact line will be more widely used in the future

The sliding contact line of the crane will be more energy saving and copper guide experience. The sliding contact line is more energy efficient than the wire and cable, and the device maintenance is more convenient than the wire and cable. From the current situation of customers asking for the slide line, the number of inquiry lines of copper conductor is increasing. This shows that the enterprises pay more attention to the electrical conductivity of the slide line and the power saving performance of the slide line. It can be said that the energy saving of the slide line will be promoted in the future.

The crane sliding contact line area becomes smaller; a link sliding contact line occupied area and enterprise machine work, if the area is too large, will affect the normal operation of the machine, so that the sliding contact line for workshop area is after the trolley line improvement direction, but also there are many sliding contact line enterprises are facing difficulties.

The application of line sliding contact line will be more common. Currently, the slide line is mainly applied to power supply in line crane, mechanical equipment and other industries. After that, the sliding line will bring a system revolution to the power supply system of all industries.

The sliding line will be applied to all kinds of harsh environments. Currently, the slip line is mainly composed of monopole slide line, multi pole sliding contact line, rigid body sliding contact line, seamless slide line and so on. These products are difficult to adapt to the harsh environment, so the enterprises will improve a lot, and will make the slide line adapt to more bad natural conditions.

The line will be streamlined. The high quality and low price skid line will play a leading role in the market. The sliding line enterprises will have a big integration in the next 510 years. The low quality enterprises will face some risks.3P-continuous insulated conductor rail无接缝安全滑触线.jpg

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