Energy saving way of crane

- Sep 26, 2005 -

As more enterprises use this lifting equipment, the waste of cost and resource is becoming more and more serious. Our country is advocating a conservation minded society, then, should we also work on the energy saving of cranes? By analyzing the above problems of crane, I put forward the following improvement measures:

1, we can consider reducing the crane's own quality, and reduce the crane's own quality measures, we can consider lifting the quality of lifting mechanism. This reduces the consumption of the material and reduces the load on the plant.

The measures are as follows: using high quality motor, reducer motor; about one of the quality of our country the same capacity than Germany's third, reducer material, processing technology and so on are serious deficiencies, need to split the broken from all aspects, to solve the fundamental problem. To improve the form of the reel; consider the use of large diameter drum, increase the rope capacity, and reduce the size and quality of lifting trolley. But the spiral bevel gear drive is needed to increase the reduction ratio, making it much more difficult to manufacture.

2. Improve the control system. The speed regulation system is changed into frequency conversion speed regulation system. The variable frequency speed regulation system not only has high efficiency, but also has better energy saving effect. To improve the driving mode of the automobile crane; the crane on the car and off with engine drive can save about 60% energy.

3, the introduction of new theories, new technologies, new materials, new technologies, new ways. New materials may be considered, such as high-strength nylon instead of cast iron or steel, not only prolonging life, but also reducing noise and so on. H steel is used instead of sheet metal as much as possible, and the consumption of structural material can also be saved, and the bending resistance can also be improved. Adopting new technology, for example, improving painting process, can be good at catching paint anticorrosion quality. Adopt new way; because our country is restricted by the national automobile catalogue, it is difficult for us to declare the refitted truck first. It is difficult to solve. It needs the coordination of the government department, but the foreign country is not. The advanced design theory is adopted to optimize the structure and reduce the deadweight of the structure.

4, we can strengthen the daily maintenance, thereby prolonging the service life of the crane. Routine maintenance work is often ignored by people, so we should try our best to improve our deficiencies in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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